In 2008 I traveled 10,000 miles to South Africa. I wanted to work with people​ living​ with HIV. I had no idea what to expect. I lived in a guest house at an orphanage that housed over 200 children and a hospice that cared for 20-30 patients - all terminally ill - dying from AIDS. This experience taught me about living - not dying.

Death is inevitable but living is optional.


HIV is all too real for over 5 million kids living in South Africa. HIV is no longer the death sentence it used to be. With a healthy lifestyle and proper medical care - people are beating this virus!

Lets make a difference to a child, a teenager, families struggling to get through a day.

Our Questions

What if we empowered people to live greatly “right where they are”?

What if we encouraged teens to be leaders in their communities regardless of living conditions?


Sparrows Voice gives a voice to the voiceless - it empowers kids and teens all around the world to live greatly. Sparrows Voice is teaching young adults to be leaders in their communities.

We empower - we teach - we care - we feed the hungry - we give a voice to people facing serious challenges - because we KNOW that together we can do anything.!